Shaken Down Olive Oil

The olive grove is located on the banks of the Oruaiti River and is surrounded by stunning countryside. The 500 mature Frantoio olive trees on the property are harvested annually producing ‘Shaken Down’, olive oil - from branch to bottle. 

Shaken Down Olive Oil | Poured over fresh sourdough

Frantoio olive trees (or NZJ5 olives) are a Tuscan variety that is disease-resistant and well-adapted to Northland conditions.

Olive farming is all about the sun. In early May, after a hot Northland summer, the olives are shaken down using a machine harvester, and transported to Olivado Pressing House in Waipapa for pressing and bottling. 

Frantoio olive's in Shaken Down Olive Oil produce a sassy, robust oil with a fresh, green, fruity flavour ending in a peppery kick.

Use Shaken Down Olive Oil with everything - even over ice cream!

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500ml bottle Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
$35 - plus postage within New Zealand (varies).

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